Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Trolley Rides for Free

I headed out the door this morning and turned right. I don't do any research before I travel (I had no idea where the Czech Republic was before I got here) and trust my feet to lead me to interesting places.

Once again it worked. I climbed a steep hill to the south of my hotel, passed through a tunnel in a massive wall and emerged into the large hill top fortress of Vysehrad (click HERE for more information). All that is now enclosed in the walls are a chapel, cathedral, cemetery, and large park. I walked the top of the wall most of the way around and enjoyed the views of the city (and for Doug the tennis courts nestled along the outside of the wall).

After taking the hundred plus stairs back down I hopped on a tram (or trolley or whatever) and zipped off on another adventure. Even though the electric lines over the streets which power the trams are an eyesore, the trams are worth it. Especially when I am tired from lots of exploring; by the time I get to my destination I am rested and ready for more. They zip down the middle of the streets and are fast, quiet and offer nice views.

Public transport in both Hamburg and Prague operate on the honor system. I can get on and off as often as I like without having to show a ticket or jump through any hoops. I purchased a one week ticket and carry it in my wallet because it is the honorable thing to do.

Anyway, I went to a building which caught my eye in the distance yesterday (the national museum) and followed the crowds to an area that was new to me, the old city. Touristy, very crowded, but lovely. I got completely lost in the winding streets. So, not knowing where I was, I decided to have lunch. My entree at lunch once again included slices of a very large dumpling, not dissimilar in texture to soft bread. It goes great with the purple sauerkraut which also seems to accompany each meal.

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  1. Looks like Biscuits and Gravy ala Praque style!

    I'm struck by the beauty of all the orange in your photos. The beautiful tile roof tops and even the orange on the buses. It's not a color that I ususally notice is very dominant or memorable in our environment, but it is beautiful in your photos. Thanks again for sharing the feast your eyes are enjoyng!