Saturday, July 21, 2007

Saturday Stroll

All of Hamburg it seems is out strolling the streets on this beautiful summer day. To entertain them we saw the ubiquitous mimes, a talented string quartet, people playing instruments I've never seen before, and a cheerleading squad. Our favorite entertainment involved a raft in the lake upon which a real putting green was growing and a tee on a platform on the shore. We were not shy in critiquing their strokes and choices of clubs even though we would have put many people (and fish) in harms way had we given it a try.

We thoroughly enjoyed visiting Hamburg's leading art museum the Kunsthalle (click HERE for the link to their site). We appreciated not being overwhelmed with too much art, instead we got a nice review from medieval times through the present.

It seems we were the only ones to have read the reviews of the hottest dance club, because we were pretty much the only ones there. Our late night out was a bust. After a late dinner we are going to tempt fate and try a different club tonight.

Breakfast this morning was definitely German: hard boiled eggs, sliced meats and cheeses, bread and more bread. I think I'll go to Starbucks tomorrow before leaving for Prague. Doug returns to Maui tomorrow. How sad for both of us. It has been a GREAT three weeks.

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