Saturday, July 14, 2007

Totally Jazzed!

It is half past midnight and I am not the least bit sleepy because I am still wound up from the best day ever!

We just got back from watching the fireworks at Lamor Plage in Brittany in northwest France. I love fireworks and was definitely moved by this display. I had been to fireworks before where the pyrotechnics were linked to music, but never like this. The sound system was incredible; we could hardly hear the fireworks over the driving African music. And the fireworks combinations were clever and sometimes humorous. Wow!

Just before the fireworks was a concert by a bagpipe and horn ensemble. I have never heard bagpipes used like this!! Amazing. You HAVE to check this out for yourself (click HERE for the video).

Doug and I started out the morning with a long bike ride through the Brittany countryside (Doug just had to express an interest in bike riding and bikes were sitting there waiting for us when we walked down the gangplank to go ashore - this ship is the Best!).

Along the way we encountered a ship graveyard in the mud flats along the estuary where we are docked. Very Pirates of the Carribbean.

We then passed through the town of Hennebont with a gothic cathedral, the likes of which I had never seen before. It had the most wonderful entrance. We had a lunch of crepes - a regional specialty - before continuing our ride.

We were riding a little one track trail through some woods when we came across a neolithic megalith in a clearing. We were told they were erected by the Celts some six thousand years ago. The encounter was a strangely moving experience for both of us, I guess you had to be there to understand (or click HERE for the video and see for yourself).

What a great French Independence day for us.


  1. Don, your vacation sounds GREAT!!! I'm having a fun time in San Diego but nothing compared to your trip - although I think we'll both be doing a little (okay, a lot) extra swimming when we get home to work off all the good meals...

  2. P.S. You both look very happy!