Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Barthelona at Last

I still can't get over how easy and painless this voyage half way around the world has been. Maybe the jet lag will kick in tomorrow, but we fit right into the schedule here in Barcelona. Most restaurants are only open for dinner from 9 p.m. till midnight, not quite Maui time, but it works for us.

I am probably most struck by how polite and rule abiding everyone here seems to be. Like Maui no one uses their car horns, unlike Maui cars stop and politely wait for pedestrians. So far I am liking Spain's second largest city a lot.

Doug and I wandered a bit through the Gothic Quarter which adjoins our hotel. It seems to be defined by narrow winding streets. Very narrow. We also stumbled across the outdoor fresh food market with the largest papayas we have ever seen.

Even though it is still early (only one in the morning) I am ready for sleep.

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