Thursday, July 5, 2007


On our evening walk yesterday we wandered into a cathedral with clusters of children scattered around. Suddenly one group burst into song. Haunting! Apparently they come to this cathedral to practice their choral music, and it was magic (click HERE for video).

Last night we had the best meal of the trip so far. I had heard of tapas restaurants but always associated the term with exotic foods. Now I understand that tapas is simply about small portions. In a way it felt like I was eating a meal prepared for the residents of a doll house, but absolutely exquisite food. What fun!

It still seems a little strange to begin dinner at ten in the evening, but I like it. Walking around afterward we were invited to the opening of a new dance club with disco-ized music from the sixties, seventies and eighties. It was fun remembering all the old songs and dancing until two in the morning.

We got going a little later this morning and wandered for a while before visiting the Picasso museum. Click HERE for a link to their web site. The exhibits focused on his early years and allowed us to figure out for ourselves how he developed the styles for which he is so famous. We found it fascinating.

Barcelona remains captivating and we could easily stay here longer, but we're off to Valencia tomorrow morning for the beginning of our next set of adventures.

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  1. Hey Don, I finally had time to read your blog and I love it! Eating late and dancing until 2:oo sounds great! I want to know how you avoided jet lag. It took me a couple days to adjust to San Diego and it was only a five hour flight. (I think it has something to do with being in Europe verses the USA....)
    Keep up the blog - I'll be checking on you. Hi to Doug.