Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Barcelona Wanderings

Amazing! Neither of us has experienced jet lag.

We spent the morning wandering the narrow winding streets of the Gothic quarter. I had assumed this area of quaint old buildings had been kept as a tourist attraction, kind of like the Left Bank in Paris, and assumed it was comprised of just a few streets. Instead we found it to be a large vital part of the city, only without motor vehicles. Wonderful.

We then walked over to the Gaudi masterpiece, the Sagrada Familia cathedral. Click HERE for their website about this bizarre building (the photo of the cathedral on this page is one of theirs). I was completely surprised by how much recent construction has been done on this cathedral which was started in the late 1800's. The last time I was here there were only towers surrounding a large open area; that area is now a fantastical church.

We both appreciated siesta time today as neither of us has done so much walking since our Chicago days many, many years ago. We are now ready for more adventures; Doug is patiently waiting for me to finish today's entry.

Have a great Independence Day.

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