Monday, July 16, 2007

Lazy Day at Sea

"...when the sky and the sea sleep together." - Eugene O'Neil, Long Day's Journey Into Night

Ever since we entered the English Channel this morning the water has been smooth and glassy with a haze erasing the horizon. We crossed the Prime Meridian an hour ago and are approaching the smallest gap between Great Britain and France, but in the obscurity of darkness. That is, if it will ever get dark this far north. Lots and lots of ships out here, some faster than us but most of them slower.

We met two gentlemen at dinner who have been living aboard the ship for five years now; the stories they had to tell! We commented on how flat the seas are and they told us that they had only one rough day in five years. It was a few years ago out of Barcelona when a massive storm hit. The waves were 54 feet and all of their cabinets were flying open, the washer and dishwasher both sent their contents flying. A friend staying in their guest room got closed up into the wall when the murphy bed decided to close. She grabbed her cell phone when it opened up again before once again being closed into the wall. Lots of great tales.

Between napping and eating, Doug actually made it to the gym and I managed a few laps in the pool. I spent some time playing in Photoshop with a couple of the photos you haven't seen yet, special effects which might make interesting prints when we get home. Or not. As always, clicking on an image will allow you to see a larger version.

We have another relaxing full day at sea on the agenda for tomorrow.

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