Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Beaching in Portugal - Part 2

While researching the area on the internet I noticed in passing mention of a nude beach twenty minutes drive away. Well, Doug seems to have a built-in radar which guided our footsteps directly to the nude beach only three miles away. Since we didn't have our swim suits with us on this walk, we didn't climb down the treacherous cliff face to the beach (at least that's my excuse - don't want to risk losing my tan line).

We had lunch at one of the many restaurants on the beach and were serenaded by an accordian and guitar duo (click HERE for video).

After a nice siesta we had another GREAT meal on the eleventh floor of the ship while watching the sun set across the river on the white washed houses of a small fishing village. The church bells rang at sunset and we could hear the crickets beginning to chirp. Doug said "I think I've died and gone to heaven." After my trepidation about this cruise for the past few months, I have to admit that this is a glorious vacation. One of the best ever.

We went back to the streets of Praia da Rocha at eleven o'clock in the evening to join the parade of locals and tourists strolling up and down the strip. It had been deserted when we walked through at 2 p.m. but now all the shops and restaurants were open (nearly half of which were Irish pubs) and the streets were crowded end to end.

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