Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Could I Be Any More Relaxed?

When we left the English Channel for the North Sea the water went from glassy and flat to choppy green with twelve foot swells and off shore oil rigs always in sight. The ship continues to be steady as a rock and I spent most of the day reading two novels.

Doug is the new table tennis champion of the World (the World being the name of our ship) although the wind made for some interesting shots. I especially liked being able to gently lob the ball over the net so that it would blow back to my side before Doug could get to it. Even with my brilliant shot making I did not stand a chance against the consummate tennis player.

Dinner tonight at the ship's premier restaurant, Portraits,was once again absolutely exceptional. Get a good look because this will most likely be the last time you will ever see either of us in anything nicer than shorts, t-shirts and slippers.

Tomorrow we sail up the Elbe river and then get to explore Hamburg.


  1. Okay it's now documented! You both do clean up pretty nice. Now put on your real clothes so I can recognize you. (maybe you can make an artpiece out of that suit, cast it in resin or something)

  2. The only thing missing from that picture is Patti and I! You two are having way to much fun without us!