Sunday, July 15, 2007

I'm Starving

I'm starving. I have always had a difficult time eating anything which resembles an actual animal (don't even try to offer me an animal cracker), let alone entire creatures staring at me from my plate.

Doug loves mussels, so went took a small boat to the fishing (and tourist) town of Port Louis to eat fresh seafood. Doug got a big heaping plate of mussels and green beans and I ordered the house special (I wish the special had been a house - gingerbread might have been nice). What came for me were piles of snails (small and large), entire shrimps, langostines, raw oysters, and a pile of whole tiny gray shrimps. I pretty much turned the color of seaweed while bravely attempting to drag the snails from their shells. I kept inadvertently squeezing the heads of the shrimps while decapitating them, causing streams of orange goo to spray over my plate. My mother would not have been happy at how much "food" was left on my plate when I left. And so I am starving right now as we sail away from France.

We had a lovely day walking around the fishing port. It is amazing to us Maui guys how much the tides change here, leaving boats high and dry when it recedes.

We are switching back into relaxation mode with two full days at sea ahead of us.


  1. I don't know what is worse. those eyes bugging out at you or all those little legs dangling. That meal would have mortified me too but I'm sure Kea would have loved it!

  2. I'm loving all your photos. The shipwreck in both B/W and color is great and I especially like how you framed and captured the orange and white boat with all the colored crates on the dock and the two orange bouy's in the foreground. Nice work, as usual, 100%.