Monday, July 23, 2007

Snapshot Crazy Tourist

I can't help myself. Somebody stop me, I have gone out of control.

I had a couple of moments today when my chest constricted and I had difficulty breathing; the vistas were that beautiful. Then I just started shooting. "If it is this beautiful, how could I take a bad picture?" was what I felt, as everything I've ever learned about photography went out the window. But, of course, the photos ended up looking exactly like every other tourist's photos. But in this magnificent city, that isn't all bad.

It is hard to explain, but individual buildings here aren't all that interesting; it is their uniform style and the way they all fit together which is so stunning. One exception just around the corner from my hotel is a building which was obviously designed by Frank Gehry.

The castle and cathedral on top of a hill dominating the city skyline is another exception. I took way too many photos of that hill, and know that I will be taking more before I leave.

I stumbled across a hidden restaurant on an island in the river for lunch. I sat at a table on the edge of the water with the BEST view of any table in Prague. No question about it. The photo of me was taken by the waiter, the other photo was taken by me sitting at the table with the same camera (usually waiters at scenic spots take better photos than this).

By the way, remember that you can view a larger version of each photograph on this blog by clicking on that image. You will then need to use your browser's BACK button or arrow to return to this page.

I won't waste your time by posting them here, but I did manage to get three spectacular panoramic images which I look forward to seeing full sized.


  1. What a beautiful city! How dare you have so much fun without me! The photos look fabulous. Can't wait to see the panoramas! Would say wish you were here, but actually I wish I was there.

  2. Hey Don - I have to agree with Doug; I can't wait to see the panaramas (and all the other pictures) and I wish Patti and I was there with you! Travel is fun but traveling with friends is more betta.