Thursday, July 26, 2007

Not More of the Same!?!

This photo is a panorama which I took yesterday. I am excited about seeing the large print, the amount of detail in the full sized image is amazing. This gives you a sense of the normal state of activity on the Charles bridge.

Here I am on the Charles bridge yesterday. As you can see I have put on some weight. No, I have not died my hair - I am the one standing by the lamp post!

Today is a travel day and I am off in a few minutes wending my way to Berlin for the weekend. I do not have high hopes for Berlin, but then I have been pleasantly surprised throughout this trip (to say the least!).

This photo is for Doug who likes it when I frame the image within the photo. You may recognize the tower from my moon shot the previous evening.

I have noticed repeatedly in these densely touristed areas that all you have to do is walk one block off the beaten path and the streets are empty. This shot was taken only one block from the Charles bridge where the restaurants and shops were packed.


  1. These pictures take my breath away. I especially liked the one of you on the bridge. You don't look heavy at all (next to the blond). :)

  2. I've really enjoyed really being able to look and really digest your photos each day. Since they are released a few at a time I can focus in on them, give them the time they deserve and appreciate the details so much more. They are beautiful!