Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Upscale High Schools

The young women of Ukraine and Russia wear short skirts and high heel shoes to the beach. Sometimes very high heels. It is kind of sad watching them stumble across the pebbly shore; but on the promenade to the beach, they look hot. Janet and Patti, are you going to give it a try and set a fashion trend for Maui?

Doug and I wandered along the shore this morning and got lost a couple of times. Fortunately Yalta is like Maui, there are two directions: uphill away from the water or downhill toward the water. Since our base of operations is afloat, the choice was always an easy one.

We did stumble across the Livadia Palace which is where Churchill, Stalin and FDR divided up Europe after WWII. It had earlier been the summer home of multiple Tsars.

This palace, like so many other late-period European palaces, struck me as resembling an old U.S. high school. Or maybe I've had it backwards all these years and U.S. high schools were built to look like European palaces.

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