Thursday, July 31, 2008

Roughwater Swim

I plowed through big windchop for a true roughwater swim this morning. A visitor from Oahu wanted to swim at La Perouse, Malcolm couldn't make it until 9, so, what the heck, a few of us met and fought the waves. Which made me happy, I LOVE gnarly conditions.

On the way out I found a Giant Triton and showed it to everyone. These guys love eating starfish, especially the Crown of Thorns starfish which had been destroying the La Perouse reefs a couple of years ago. At the time I was panicking and worried that there would be no reef left. Not to worry, nature took its course and everything turned out great.

The La Perouse preserve is scheduled to be closed to the public beginning tomorrow, so today was a great day for a swim to the "Aquarium." As usual it was nice and calm inside and there were the usual schools of fish. The swim back was daunting, but FUN.

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