Thursday, July 24, 2008

Jellyfish Soup

I got to swim today with countless numbers of jellyfish. I attempted to swim for exercise, but I kept stopping to watch these fascinating creatures. Besides, it was kind of weird each time I would run into one, which was about every five seconds. It was sort of like encountering floating sheets of cellophane, only alive.

So instead of swimming I focused on taking photographs and video of them. Hundreds of photographs and lots of video (Click HERE or Below for the Video). For the most part they were benign, but I ended up getting quite a few stings all over my body. A few still hurt, five hours later.

I'm not sure what this sign said, I can't read Bulgarian. It was probably something like "Don't Wave When The Water Is Choppy." Anyway, I had fun swimming today.

1 comment:

  1. What fascinating video of the Bulgarian Jellyfish. Your blog is entertaining and educational. Thanks for all the underwater video and photos you've provided for those of us who love the ocean but live far from it, I've been reading your blog on a daily basis following your adventures in the water.