Thursday, July 10, 2008

Unnatural Acts in Public

The beaches here in Sochi on the Black Sea are a little different than our Maui beaches. If you look hard enough you can find tiny patches of what might pass for sand, otherwise they consist of pebbles. When I stuck my toe in, the water seemed pleasantly cool, but definitely not cold. I wouldn't mind swimming out there but am intimidated by lots and lots of jellyfish. Big mostly transparent ones.

I mentioned yesterday my total incomprehension of the Cyrillic alphabet, which is what kept Doug and me from eating lunch in town today. I can usually muddle through a menu in a foreign language, but this was way beyond me. Then again, I had no problem reading the name of the business in this photograph.

We walked through quite a bit of downtown Sochi today. Again, I was struck by how very clean it is here. Also by how many public spaces and parks there are. We saw these girls performing unnatural acts on the sidewalk in one of the oceanfront parks. I hurt myself just looking at how far they were stretched out.

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