Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Appropriate Attire

In my previous post I suggested that the younger women like to dress up. Well, it turns out that women of all ages like to dress up here.

In Sevastopol we noticed that the most popular vendor along the evening promenade route was the Kakaoke booth. Here in Yalta it is the dress-up booth. Each vendor has rack upon rack of fancy dresses and a small set upon which to pose. Sitting rooms and royal thrones are the most popular sets. One throne even had a live peacock which would spread its tail feathers on cue.

A lot of care and attention goes into choosing the outfit and then into being properly arranged and made-up. Finally, once everything is perfect, the photograph is taken.

There are even sets for the guys. At least two locations featured eight tricked-out motorcycles and racks of leather jackets. As usual, I was too shy to give it a try.

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