Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Jelly Treats

We are at anchor off the old town of Nessebar in Bulgaria. Nessebar was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, but it really should have been named a World Souvenir Shop Site. I don't mind all the restaurants and bars, but pretty much every inch of exterior wall space is taken up with displays of trinkets.

This former island is known for its preponderance of churches dating from the 5th century until the 18th century. And all in ruins. There are something like forty churches in this tiny town, and only two or three of them have been rebuilt with roofs. And absolutely none of them are in use as a church. It is quite a contrast to Ukraine and Russia where churches are extremely important and highly revered institutions. Even the ruined ones.

But more important (to me) than old piles of rocks and bricks are the big jellyfish we see all around. I took this photo from on the pier and am really looking forward to getting in with them either tomorrow or the next day.

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