Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Nim's Island

I ran into a big school of Akule (Big Eye Scad) while out swimming this morning. They were tightly clustered into a ball (no impersonations like in Finding Nemo) so I looked around for predators. Sure enough I suddenly found myself way too close to a BIG Barracuda (why are they never as scary in the photos?) who did not run away. So I backed off a little then attempted some photos.

On my way back to the beach I met a little girl about five years old floating on a boogie board out in deep water. She said her father was scuba diving down below and proceeded to tell me about the Eagle Ray and Turtles she had just seen. A big turtle surfaced near her and she matter-of-factly petted it while talking to me.


  1. To the Travelers .. Welcome back!!! Don? five year old girl, deep water, petting a turtle?? thats the kind of stuff "Hawaiian Legends" are made of !!!

  2. I wanted so badly to post a photo of her (her name was Makena) but since it is illegal to touch a sea turtle (endangered species stuff) I opted to keep her anonymous.