Sunday, March 15, 2009

Wet Sunday Swim

Wow! Maybe there is a raincloud hovering over my head.

A foolhardy group of seven showed up this morning for the Sunday ocean swim. Braving cool winds under an overcast sky, we gingerly made our way into the waves. It was so cold we could see our breath underwater! Despite murky water we plowed through the chop out to a popular snorkel spot. As always "The Aquarium" was clear and filled with beautiful fish. And cold water. And warm water. It was bizarre swimming from refrigeration to spa, one moment icy, the next instant hot.

As we began the return swim, once again the skies opened in a deluge of rain. We were in serious danger of getting wet! I could see Cheryl next to me better under water than I could above. Fifteen minutes later the clouds finally broke, the wind died, and we had a smooth sunny swim to shore. Weird spring weather.

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