Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sandy Prognostications

A large shark approached way too close to the Maui Pink Cap Swimmers this morning.

Before the swim, Malcolm sculpted a turtle, a shark's mouth and a ray at the edge of the water. On the return leg the swimmers saw a dismembered turtle on the ocean floor and were approached by a ten foot (at least) shark. Verrrryyyy Scary. Being the group's maverick I was out in deeper water seeking a singing whale and did not see the shark. Lynne got a great video of the shark swimming right up to her (Click HERE or Below for her Video). Check out her blog for a first-hand description at:

On the way in we saw an Eagle Ray which completed Malcolm's sandy prediction of things to see. And, of course, while we were all out deep hoping for a whale encounter, we watched as whales swam between us and the shore. If only...

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  1. Nice color job on the turtle and shark mouth -CA