Thursday, March 19, 2009

Clear Spinners

What a treat. A group of thirty Spinner Dolphins came to join me on my ocean swim this morning. I was doing a deeper water version of our usual Sunday swim - and there they were.

They seem to be picking up bad habits from the Humpback Whales in the neighborhood. They swam by a few times to check me out, then moved on. C'mon guys, it is OK to stick around and play for a while.

At least they aren't mimicking the whales' habit of swimming in murky water. Most of today's encounter was nice and clear. Which might explain why I didn't see any whales close-up this morning, I wisely stuck to the clear water myself.


  1. The pics are wonderful Don!!! Looks like a which explains why they didnt stay. They were lookin for action !!! LOL.

  2. p.s. Don on second thought Don does it look like a couple of those dolphins are pregnant? Wow that would be AWESOME seeing a wild spinner born !!