Friday, March 13, 2009

Fresh Take

My little cousin, Danny, made a crazy solo kayak trip to the island of Molokini in a brisk wind this morning. I say "crazy" because I have yet to muster the courage to attempt the voyage myself. I began to worry after four hours, but with binoculars Doug was able to see Danny paddling back in, so I calmed down.

I love learning new things.

Danny has informed me that my thinking about global warming has been all wrong. He says that climate change is actually a manufactured conspiracy theory created by a guy named Al Gore. Without Al Gore, there would be no climate change problem. He says that scientists agree that man is too insignificant a creature to be able to affect the climate of something as large as planet Earth. Scientists say that any unusual weather may be part of a natural cycle of climate change, but these changes have repeatedly happened over millions of years and man has always managed to survive them before. We will adapt and survive future changes as well. As for any people who may have difficulties adapting -- he cites the plagues of the middle ages. He says that the great plagues were nature's way of dealing with a seriously overpopulated Europe.

Boy, to think I have been wrong all this time.

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  1. Thats alright Don, when all that iCE MELTS we are gonna be 10 feet under water anyway. That's a good way to control population... drown everyone !!!!=0)