Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cowardly Lion

I pass so many intriguing people on my morning walks. I wish I weren't so shy, I would love to have the courage to go up to a stranger and talk to them.

The works of famous "street photographers" have only recently inspired me to have the guts to photograph people I don't know. Now if only I could go that extra step of asking people if I could take their photo... Someday

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  1. Seriously? Okay...Gypsy Girl don't know me from Adam...but I have been following and enjoying your blog and viewing your amazing images over the last few months. I visited your blog everyday before, during and after my recent trip to Maui. You have so much to offer and are so talented (and I am not just saying that) if you approached me on the beach (with a business that I knew you weren't some perve freak) or people like me, I promise most will respond with a flattered and sheepish response..."sure...why not." Then show them your do a beautiful job of allowing your images to speak for themselves. Your are an incredibly gifted photographer.
    My motto is "become fearless...just do it...while ruminating about whether or not to do it you only make it worse in your head." Ask yourself...what is the worst they could say...and even that isn't so bad. You are far too talented not to let the world in on it.

    BTW...I have fears too...someday I hope to have the courage to do those big ocean swims like you and Lynn participate in. :)