Friday, March 27, 2009

Bon Voyage

Most of the visiting Humpback Whales have begun their long journey back to Alaska and FOOD. For months while in Hawaii they do not eat a single bite of food. Do you have any idea of how cranky I would become if I were to miss my lunch? Let alone breakfast, lunch and dinner? For several months? You would definitely want to keep as far from me as possible.

Everyone still wants to see whales, so the few humpbacks are mobbed with kayakers, paddlers, and whale-watch tour boats. I took my teeny tiny little kayak out this morning and soon found myself over a singing whale. Because I was sitting still out in the ocean, everyone assumed that I had found something, and I was crowded by wave after wave of kayaks and paddleboards. Then over my marine radio I heard a call to all boat captains that this group of kayaks had found a pod of whales. The congestion during a Pali closing pales in comparison.

I could no longer hear the singing of the whale over all the chatter, splashing and engines, so I headed home. When I encountered a mother and calf along the way, I made sure to NOT stop so that they would be left in peace. Bon Voyage to the whales. Have a great trip back and eat some extra krill for me.

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