Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bloody Fun

My new friends, Livit and Kurt, wanted to go for a swim this morning. This was Kurt's first real ocean swim and I'm afraid I threw him into the deep end. He emerged alive, but dripping way too much blood.

They both expressed an understated interest in swimming with dolphins, so we headed out to spinner dolphin territory. As we swam out we were hit by high winds and choppy water, and Kurt looked a bit tense. Livit was at home in the water and once the dolphins swam by for a visit even Kurt began to relax. He was so focused on the dolphins that he forgot to think about anything else.

Due to a very low tide, they both struggled to get ashore and managed a few scrapes and cuts each. Hopefully, this encounter with dolphins will inspire Kurt to get into the ocean again. And to buy a new towel which is not spotted with blood.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks Don for a memorable swim! I think you are part dolphin! Looking forward to more encounters, a hui hou, Livit