Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tilting with Windmills

We had a choice today. Enjoy the warm sunshine of Makena, or hike up the West Maui Mountains to Maui's alternative energy source.

The journey up to this photo (top) was actually pleasant with a cool wind and occasional sprinkles. Then the skies opened up in a full downpour. Each additional step closer to the windmills brought heavier and heavier rain. Finally, we couldn't take it any more and were forced to turn tail and run. The dirt trail became slippery slidey mud and now we were worried about making the 1600 foot descent too quickly. Cliffs are spectacular to hike along until there is a danger of going over the edge.

We got back to the car covered in mud and soaking wet, again. I'm beginning to suspect that my cousin, Danny, travels with a rain cloud hanging over his head (although he would say the same of me).

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