Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wouldn't you know it. On one of the few days I did not swim last week, a Whale Shark made an appearance (click HERE for the story) in my usual swim area. My friend POG (Poor Old Greg) told me about riding Whale Sharks in past years when he's encountered them. Sounds like fun, maybe someday...

I noticed lots of outrigger canoes paddling offshore during my walk today. Must be a regatta coming up. Normally they are painted with an Hawaiian motif, these with the stars and stripes seemed unusual.

My friends, Joe and Gretchen, took a whale watching cruise today. They showed me the most amazing whale photos which they took by holding a disposable underwater camera over the side of the boat. Humpback whales seem much bolder around boats than around swimmers. Then again, who knows what tomorrow may bring.

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