Sunday, January 13, 2008

Do Not Try This At Home!

Due to continuing high surf on the usually tranquil south shores, our Sunday swim group found the water too murky to swim. It wasn't hard to talk ourselves out of getting wet since we were all huddled under our towels shivering in the cold 72 degree (22 celsius) breeze.

And yet, somehow, we managed to overcome the dreaded group inertia, and all moved down to Big Beach. Surprise, surprise, there it was sunny and warm and the water was calm. Standing on shore we could see three groups of whales out a bit. So we got in. While not crystal clear, we could at least see the bottom. We swam uphill past the nude beach until the water got way too murky, then swam back downhill to the south end of Big Beach (uphill = against a strong current and into a wind chop). What a fun group of people! It was especially great seeing coach Janet again.

By the way, these before and after versions of today's underwater photo show what can be done by a Photoshop Professional on a closed course. Do not try this at home!


  1. Great to show the before and after shots. You are amazing!

  2. What's Krugger doing with his left hand....