Friday, January 11, 2008

A Mile Too Far

We had another day of high surf today and the water was murky as a consequence. I know better than to swim in murky water (elevated risk of shark attack), but I thought I would quickly pass through the cloudy water into clear water beyond. So, ok, I swam out way too far this morning.

And then the whales were taunting me. I could hear them singing so very loudly that I knew they must be close by. I even heard them on the surface breathing, and when I can hear them breathing they must be very close. But nothing. I was cold and tired but kept being teased to stay a little longer. Finally, one of the whales had pity on me, surfaced near by and swam up to me before diving down out of sight. Hooray!

Did I mention how far out I was? Too far. The murky water seemed to have spread farther out, the wind was whipping the waves up so they were crashing over my head, I was tired and the shore wasn't getting any closer. It got to the point where I began bargaining with God. You know, "If you let me make it in alive, then I promise to..." Only, of course, I can't finish those sentences here in public, because I then might have to live up to them.

And, in case you were wondering, somehow I made it to shore, exhausted but alive.