Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Trio at Duo

Doug and I had dinner tonight at Duo (a relatively new restaurant at the Four Seasons Resort) with our friend Lynda. Their specialty is steak, and for good reason. I have had good steaks before at many fine restaurants, but never like this! The meat truly melted in my mouth and was served with a demi glace (sauce) which broke da mouth. Ono! (local Maui slang for incredibly delicious)

Now I understand why I have been hired by a magazine to photograph one of their steaks this Friday. These steaks are special.

Continuing with the melt in the mouth theme, they brought a mound of cherry flavored cotton candy to finish off the meal. What fun, I haven't had cotton candy since I was a child - plus, I got to play with my food. Take that, mom!

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