Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A Great Start

Doug and I got an excellent start to the New Year by visiting a snorkel spot called The Aquarium this morning. I still can't believe that in his 16 years on Maui, Doug had never snorkeled there. Lots of tropical fish and clear water today. Click HERE or below for the Video.

Our afternoon was spent in a movie theater watching "P.S. I Love You." We are both suckers for romantic comedies and this one was both VERY funny and very weepy with a great sensibility.

After getting in touch with our feminine side we went to a sports bar to watch the University of Hawaii go down to defeat in the Sugar Bowl. It reminded me of our days living by Wrigley Field in Chicago and suffering with the Cubs.

Football notwithstanding, 2008 is starting out to be a Great year!

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