Monday, January 26, 2009

Youthful Energy

I headed out for a paddle after work this evening and this young whale was doing head-stands right in front of my house only a couple hundred yards from shore. It was getting all kinds of exercise but I wasn't, so I headed out to deeper water.

Out there I found another youngster doing repeated tail slaps and half-breaches. It was getting dark but I still managed an underwater snapshot from the kayak of the calf, mother and escort.

On my return the first calf was floating on the surface with its mother even closer to shore than before. I wonder if they will be there when I go for my swim tomorrow morning?

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  1. Don i have a friend who has a wonderful story of wild dolphins who remembered him even after his being away for 15 plus years. Start seeing if the whales you see are the same ones each time. Whale flukes are the easiest way to identify each whale. Who knows 10 years from now you may still be seeing the same whales. by then they will be calling you by name !!! lol