Saturday, January 24, 2009

Whales Galore

Lots of adventure this morning.

I got some great exercise on my swim, but saw nothing but a whale tail above water and a few jellyfish below. After climbing into the kayak for the trip home I was passed by a competition pod of Humpback Whales. The group of five whales appeared to be running into each other like the two in the top photo.

Later, a group of three whales headed toward me. A baby, a mom and an escort. The whale calf kept zigzagging back and forth near the surface while the adults sedately swam ahead. At one point the two adults swam below my kayak. See what I mean about how well they blend in and disappear? It was difficult to see anything more than the white of their pectoral fins.

Finally, as I was heading in I encountered another calf, mother and escort. This time the calf was playing with a group of about eight dolphins. At least I assume they were dolphins. I do not recognize the dorsal fins as belonging to spinner dolphins.

All in all, it was a perfect morning.

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