Friday, January 16, 2009

Abandon Ship

I was exhilarated, thrilled and, at times, terrified!

Maui county closed all schools and most public facilities today due to high winds. High surf warnings were up and no boats were on the water. So, of course, I had to take the kayak out. Yippee!

I am not a surfer (or downhill skier) so each time my teeny tiny little kayak teetered on the crest of a wave, and I looked down fifteen steep feet into a valley of water, panic rose up and had to be quelled. My little kayak will roll over in the smallest of shore breaks, so I fought over and over again to keep it upright. Wow! What a rush!

I knew the waves were biggest and most dangerous near shore, so I delayed returning home because I was afraid I would be killed as my kayak crashed onto the rocks. Even out deep the waves rose high above my head. What would they be like near shore?

Being the wimp that I am, I abandoned ship near the beach and swam in. Fortunately the kayak wasn't damaged as it flipped over and over on it's way in. Me? I'm looking forward to going out again tomorrow.

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