Sunday, January 18, 2009

Close, But Not Too Close

The Maui Pink Cap Swimmers moved down to Big Beach this morning and got crystal clear water. This is how every swim should be!! From shore we saw whales out toward Kahoolawe island, and not tooooooo far away. Should we, shouldn't we? I opted for the deep water swim and almost everyone else followed along.

After we got in the ocean we didn't see any signs of whales. But the clear blue water was well worth it. Kevin kept going and going, and we kept following him. Then the water began to cloud up, no longer could we see the sea floor. From my past experience, this was a clear sign that we were in whale territory.

Sure enough the whale singing got loud, very loud. Then a school of whale fish swam by. Then from down below came a couple of bursts of air bubbles.

And that's it. That was our whale experience. A whale swam by to check us out but we never got to see it. Were we disappointed? Not a chance! The loud loud whale songs enchanted everyone and even when we got cold, we did not want to leave. "Thrilled" aptly describes how we all felt.

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