Thursday, January 8, 2009

Flashing Lights

Finally! My new kayak was put to the use for which I bought it, I took it swimming. I can't tell you how many lessons I had to give it before it learned how to swim - OK just kidding.

I dragged it behind me with a rope tied around my waist, and it was as if it weren't even there. It took more work to drag my old camera along. Now that I know how very easy it is to take it on my swims, I will do it more often.

It was GREAT swimming in the deep water with only a fraction of the anxieties. I no longer have to worry about boats not seeing me, and I can get out of the water if something frightens me. Plus, I no longer have to swim all the way home if I get carried away and go out too far.

I heard lots of whale singing during the swim but saw no large creatures. I did see quite a few of these jellyfish. They're really cool. They have little lights which run up and down and up and down. And yes, they sting (which is why I didn't get a better close-up photo).

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  1. yehawwwww free at last !!!! LOL seriously Don dont loose sight of the island.