Friday, January 30, 2009

Boxes and Breaches

The water was gloriously clear again this morning. My swimming speed seems to have decreased of late with an hour only getting me a little over a mile. Today I swam South instead of my usual Northward swim, and covered two miles in the same amount of time. I guess it isn't me after all and the current really does matter!

Still lots and lots of box jellyfish around today. Someone asked me what they look like, so I took this photo of one. I also took video so that you could see the really cool flashing lights which run up and down in multiple colors, but I got dizzy watching it, so I decided not to post it.

In case you were wondering about the other photo, yes, I was that close. I was paddling my kayak back from my swim when I encountered a group of four kayaks paddling slowly along. A baby whale breached clear of the water so I dropped my paddle and picked up my camera. I aimed in that general direction hoping the baby would make another breach. Instead, less than ten yards away, mommy whale breached! The other kayakers were on the other side of the breach and were sure I had been killed, they all started screaming. But, somehow or other, I got the photo. It was too close and too unexpected for me to get the entire whale in the frame, but I got it!


  1. SPECTACULAR !!!!! Thanks for all the great pictures.

  2. WOW!!!!! i love it!!! What happened to you when he hit water??

  3. SHE hit water... im gettin old. sheeesshhh