Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Finally, I got some exercise after too much work the past few days. I love swimming in deep water, especially now that I am fearless. Even hauling the kayak behind me into a stiff breeze, I managed to cover 1.7 miles this morning. I saw several kinds of jellyfish, but the Venus' Girdle has always been one of my favorites. I know, it's technically not a jellyfish, but it is closely related. And the best part is: it doesn't have stingers. Beautiful and benign, kind of like me...

Twice during the swim I passed large schools of Whale Fish. We call them whale fish because they are usually clustered around Humpback Whales. I am assuming some whales came by to check me out but didn't want to get too close because they didn't want to startle me. How thoughtful.

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