Friday, April 4, 2008

Pumping Up

We always groan when the national news runs a story about the high price of gasoline. Filling up the tank in our cars has cost us at least $50 for quite some time now. It would be nice to pay the prices that others are complaining about.

Fortunately Maui offers plenty to do for free. Outdoor activities are best early in the morning before the trade winds kick in and the Makena cloud builds. So I am up by dawn every day and seldom out after dark - kind of a reverse vampire.

Seeing buildings with their lights on came as a shock to my system as we emerged from the movie "In Bruges" this evening. This was a perfect film for people like us who see lots and lots and lots of movies; it was clever and absurdly funny. Definitely not your standard Hollywood script. I would liken it to "Pulp Fiction," although no one tries to rob the customers of the diner. Then again, the main characters took public transportation and did not live on Maui, so they weren't desperate for gas money.

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