Friday, April 11, 2008

Following Ray

What's with the weather the past few years? For my first twelve years on Maui it was never ever cloudy for more than one day. Now clouds, rain and even thunder (absolutely unheard of) are regular visitors to the desert of Makena.

I prefer ocean swimming when the sun shines, but I finally got tired of waiting and got in the water this morning. The water was clear, clear, clear; which is also fairly rare here. I swam to my usual turn-around point and commented to myself "with the water this clear wouldn't it be great to see something large like dolphins or a whale?" At that moment this manta ray appeared below me. I swam with it for thirty minutes taking lots of photos and even some video (Click HERE or below for today's video).

These two large mean-looking fish swam by to check me out, and followed me closely for a while. I was quite happy when they finally swam off. Strangely (to me) the manta ray brought me right back to the same beach where I started my swim.

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