Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I love discovering things new to me. So a game I play when spending the day photographing a luxury home is: what does this home have that I've never seen before? A few things which created lasting impressions were: the house with secret passage ways, the large flat screen television which rose out of the floor, pocketing sliding doors which opened and closed automatically, and glass windows which turned opaque or clear at the touch of a switch. There have been many more, but these are the ones which readily jump to mind.

The landscaping around today's house made it feel like I was on a private estate in the middle of the jungle instead of on a cul de sac in a gated community. This was the first house I've been to which had a pool cover operated by a wall switch. Nice. I also liked the glass wall which separated the tub and showers from the rest of the bathroom. I'm actually amazed that after all I've seen, there are still things which surprise me. To you budding architects and designers out there, keep up the good work and keep it fresh.

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