Sunday, April 13, 2008

Shark Attack

On our ocean swim this morning the kids found a dead shark on the bottom of the ocean and wanted to bring it home. Toni would not tolerate it on her kayak so the poor thing was returned to the deep. The good news is that it was not our friend Bruce or any of Bruce's friends. It looked like it had been attacked by local fishermen who cut a steak and a fin from the tail area before throwing it back. Of course the kids had to play with it and pretend that it was still alive and looking for swimmers to eat.

Besides the shark we didn't play much, I guess the water was too cold for most people, but the crew had fun posing for photos and video (Click HERE or below for today's video). Click on any photo to see other photos from today.

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  1. Dearest Don: Thank you so much for including us in the swim last weekend, I will treasure the picture you took of me and pop (Frank) for a lifetime. It is always such a pleasure to see you at the sea :) Laurie Cahill (AZ)