Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Almost Naked

What a delight to swim this morning without a rash guard and without a big camera strung around my neck or waist. I felt almost naked. My little go-anywhere Olympus camera was tucked in my Speedos; and, while lacking in image quality, it did a nice job getting a couple of photos this morning.

I got to swim with two different spotted eagle rays, one at each of the rocky points, then had a blast body surfing. My first ride was the best: I caught the wave perfectly and rode it for fifty feet with my head, torso and arms out of the wave. This wave waited until the very last moment to break, spitting me out ahead of it to land feet first standing on shore. I had several other good rides, but the first was one of my best ever.

No, that's not me in the photo (obviously, I was holding the camera), but that is how I looked without needing the crutch of a boogie board.

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