Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Recipe for Bliss

OK, my bad, putting work before fun. Late or not, I have finally posted photos from our weekend trip to Kipahulu and Haleakala National Park (Click HERE for the photos).

Watching the video made it seem like a different place. The first time we jumped from a new ledge into a pool below, we were close to being terrified. The water seemed so far away, and each subsequent jump was still a thrill. Yet, on the video the distances all seem so small.

My heart would race before each jump and the shock of the cold water would invigorate me. In the afternoons the waterfall itself was surprisingly warm, the water having just passed over shallows of sun heated rocks. Then a swim back through the cold pool, carefully climbing out (slippery rocks) into a chilly wind, and lying on smooth hot rocks to warm back up. Repeat through the course of the day to achieve a state of relaxed euphoria. Click HERE or below for the Video.

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