Sunday, February 17, 2008

Whale Soup

It is always fun getting into the water with my friends the Maui Pink Cap swimmers. Today we complained, as we always do, about how cold the water was; but we did stop to play less, and when we did we all got numb fingers and blue lips. Most workout swimming pools are kept around 80 degrees Fahrenheit and brought down to a cool 79 degrees for competition.

We consider anything in the water as fair game to play with. Janet, Steve and Josh did their bit to save the reef today when they removed an abandoned fishing line stretched between two coral heads. The turtles thank you three for your valiant efforts. We couldn't help ourselves and had to swim under a snorkel boat we encountered. Not much clearance meant bumped heads, but with this group I don't think any damage was done (at least not to the thick skulls - there may be dents in the hull though).

We asked one of the crew members if he had seen any whales today and he said, "there were so many that it was whale soup out there." He also mentioned that they had a thermometer in the water and that it read 74 degrees. No wonder we were all so cold!

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