Thursday, February 14, 2008

No More 911

This morning I was privileged to escort a mother and baby humpback whale. I swam straight out from shore until I hit the cloudy water which signals humpback territory. I swam back and forth and eventually two large shadows emerged below me in the murk. I paused and tried to photograph them, but since my camera could not get a focus lock, it would not take the photo.
They hung with me for a half hour during which time they would surface less than ten yards away, but would completely disappear underwater. A sane person would have been frightened by their proximity, but I was simply pleased (I guess I must admit I was a little excited). They have developed a fantastic camouflage system, but I still don't know how they make the water so opaque. Since I could only see vague shadows, I only tried videoing them once. It turns out the camera could see better than I could - Click HERE for the bad video.

I have grown frustrated by not being able to see the whales underwater, so I doubt I will be swimming out deep any more this season. I know the emergency responders on the sea rescue unit will be jumping with joy when they hear this.

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  1. Your friends will be thrilled too. Hopefully you can come up with a different 'retirement plan' before next years' whale season.