Monday, February 18, 2008

Delicioso Monstroso

Wow! A little education can actually be a good thing!

Among many other plants, our house is landscaped with Ginger and Monstera. The huge green Monstera leaves (up to 4 feet long) provide great ground cover and I have always admired the large sensual flowers (which most people don't even notice). I was surprised when researching my February 6th blog entry, Cave In, to find that our variety of Monstera is called Monstera Delicioso. Delicioso because the flower produces a fruit which takes a year to mature - watch out though, it is poisonous until ripe.

A week after this discovery I noticed an obviously ripe Monstera fruit lying in the street. Whereas previously I would have thrown it away, this time I tasted it - and it was delicious! We've been surrounded for years with lots of this wonderful fruit and never knew it. I love learning new things.

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