Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Cave In

I have continued to be enthralled by caves since reading "Tom Sawyer" as a boy. I guess they reflect the dark romantic unknown of my own mind. I am lucky enough to now live on a property with two beaches, a rocky cliff in between and a cave on the cliff face. Doug and I went down to revisit our secret cave this evening and found these stones which had recently been used to grind sea salt - but no cave. The rocks must have cleaved off and fallen into the sea during the big earthquake fifteen months ago. A parable for my advancing age with bits and pieces falling away with each passing year. Hopefully, these pieces are more along the line of my faults like False Pride than body parts like my wobbly knees.

The photo in yesterday's post is of a vertical variety of monstera (split leaf philodendron) with the colors enriched a bit.

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