Monday, May 16, 2016

Welcome to Camelot

Having my breath taken away by turning a corner on the trail and seeing something like this - well, that's magic. And from my hotel room I can see both the castle and the church - more magic. 

On the way here the path finally joined a lovely flat road along the river and a sign declared only 2.3 kilometers to my destination village. I said to myself, "This is too good to be true, the path has to diverge and climb a hill somewhere." Sure enough, around the next bend this sight greeted me. Still, I have to admit that the forest trail was much nicer than the road would have been. 

Here are my new best friends, Aimee and Pierre. They owned the bed & breakfast I stayed at last night (basically a spare bedroom in their home). Even though they didn't speak a word of English, we had some interesting conversations. 

But here's the strange part... Pierre has heart issues and Aimee is watching her weight, so they are both on severely restricted diets. But they found great pleasure in watching me eat. In fact Aimee made me a huge six course dinner, and they both sat at the table with no food and watched my every bite with rapt attention. Now, we did talk, so it wasn't as weird as it sounds, or maybe it was. 

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